Your name please.

Choice of notebook colour.

Notebooks are going for $15.80 each.
FREE Pentel Touch Brush Pen for every purchase of 2 Notebooks.

Quantity of notebooks you would like to order.

Personalised name to foil on the cover.

For orders more than 1, please indicate colour of notebook next to each name
(e.g. RENEE - BLACK).
Sending this as a gift?

Choice of postage.

Additional postage cost will be advised at a later time - due to weight of parcel etc.
Venue for self-collection can be arranged.

Where should the order be mailed to?

This is where your mailing address goes.
Not required for self-collection option.
Your preferred method of payment.

Your mobile number.

In case I need to contact you directly.
Anything else you would like to request for?

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